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Written Pieces

Written by Vitello, published with Chicago Theatre Review

Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them with Eclipse Theatre Company  

"To conclude their 2019 season of Christopher Durang’s work, Eclipse Theatre Company chose Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them, a political comedy that examined the line between jumping to conclusions and dormantly not checking what is hidden in the closet."

Laura and the Sea with Rivendell Theatre Ensemble 

"Currently a perfect palate cleanser for all of the saccharine and synthetic sentimental tripe that we are going to be inundated with over the approaching holiday season.""

with The Greenhouse Theater Center and GLP Productions 

"When a production with a script, director, and performance team as fearless as this plunges through the crust of the Earth to it’s inner core, we can’t help but encounter all of the intertwined themes in the mantle and outer core of the Earth."

Sugar in Our Wounds with First Floor Theater

"Sugar in Our Wounds is something that we all know and love, a romantic period piece, but also something that we seldom get: a queer, black, romantic period piece."

How Connective Theatre Company and Awakenings are Healing Sexual Violence Through Theatre

"So what’s the basic foundation to creating theatre and human connection? Consideration. Imagine what theatre could be like if as much thought as money was being put into every step of the process."

Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead by Hundo4U Productions

"With a social atmosphere that is obsessed to excess with outside appearance, this production proves that the disconnect between our personal identity and our public identity will forever disconnect us from each other."

How indie band THE FAMILY CREST is using their music to retell Shakespeare’s most-loved tragedy

"While it might seem ridiculous to love another for insignificant reasons, it is far worse to hate and divide ourselves for insignificant reasons as well."

Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary with the Goodman Theatre 

"There is no need in finding beauty when a performer and writer is as talented as Chibas is; it’s just a matter of opening the box and placing it on stage in light for everyone to see."

Hope: Part II of A Mexican Trilogy with Teatro Vista 

"It is a true testament to the central themes of family, tradition, and culture and the prowess of the ensemble of actors that despite the cliches and the superfluous songs, you will leave the theatre as invested in the Morales family as your own."

Every Brilliant Thing with Windy City Playhouse

"The ticket price covers the cost of admission as well as a rare and uncommon connection with the audience members around you and the exquisite production."

Family Drama: Two Norwegian Plays with Akvavit Theatre

"This re-interpretation of the oddly formal language was not handled well in the first act The Returning, but was used in an inventive and successful way in the second act, Goliath."

Equivocation with Idle Muse Theatre Company 

"Be forewarned, this script is a mental workout, but the cast and crew are all personal trainers of the highest degree, qualified to guide you and push you through this ever twisting and turning tale."

Dana H. at The Goodman Theatre

"Those with trepidations to that premise can rest assured that this is not merely a gimmick, but an addition of ingenious artistry to repackage the original voice and source material."

Love and Information with Trap Door Theatre 

"A burst of emotion is only cathartic when we get to see the swelling and suppression leading up to it. Without the struggle to remain calm, the calamity is just exhausting instead exhilarating."

At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen with The Story Theatre 

"Directed by Mickael Burke, this fascinating, captivating, and heart-wrenching examination of the concepts organic, inorganic, and the combination of both inspires the audience to evaluate the presence of these concepts in their own lives."

LIPS Chicago

"Founded by New York Queen Yvonne Lame, this bejeweled, bedazzled, and bodacious kaleidoscope proves that pride isn’t limited to just the lusty month of June, but should be celebrated and honored year round."

Out of Love with Interrobang Theatre Project 

"But for one evening with this show, women can find respite from being constantly sanitized by society, media, and the men around them."

A Kind of Love Story with Oil Lamp Theatre 

"Instead, the playwright left us with a baffling patchwork quilt of reality and cartoons. The director, production team, and the entire cast are all deserving of better material to apply their intellect and massive energy to."

Beyond Therapy with Eclipse Theatre Company

"See this show not because it is an enjoyable break from reality, but because it is an enjoyable remembrance of reality."

Strange Heart Beating with Cloudgate Theatre

"But all of these components must be sewn together so that they may satisfyingly unravel."

One Flea Spare with Connective Theatre Company

"An intoxicatingly good production posing questions that will nag your brain like an itch you can’t scratch after leaving the theatre."

Hitler's Tasters at North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie

"Instead, by crafting this anachronistic setting, Kholos Brooks has both de-romanticized and de-vilified the past. We get the full colored, high definition picture of these young women instead of a faded, sepia toned photograph in a dusty frame."

Wiesenthal - The True Story of Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal  at North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie

"His wit and humor allows for times of brevity, but also serves as his own coping mechanism and supplements his appeals to the coming generations to not let justice slip by due to apathy."

We Are Pussy Riot (or) Everything Is P.R. with Red Tape Theatre

“The use of multiple voices is only satisfying once all combined to form a shining turn of phrase, but it felt like all of the instruments were shooting off in different directions, tempos, and keys, never leading to a resolve or a culmination.”

Ms. Blakk For President with Steppenwolf Theatre Company

"This production must be seen by all theatre goers not despite the fact that it is queer, drag, and black but because it is queer, drag, and black. For centuries, people of diversity have watched white-washed, heteronormative stories and found instances that they could commiserate with."

The Ridiculous Darkness with Sideshow Theatre Company

"Martin and dramaturg Dani Weber crafted an adaptation of an old story that re-examines the word “Ridiculous.” How do you react to news or violence? Do you deride or mock? The show examines these questions through introducing different characters, some who choose to turn a deaf ear to other’s pleas and some who torture themselves with consuming every piece of news."

My Name is Rachel Corrie with Jacaranda Collective 

"The entire production with seamless lights, rough-and-tumbled stage, poignant acting, and insightful direction proves that nothing more than the unadulterated truth is needed to be impactful."

An Oak Tree with Red Theater Chicago

"It is a meta-theatre show within a show within a show with improvisation and hypnotism. It challenges what the reality of the performance is, and the reality of life."

Arms and the Man with City Lit Theatre Company

"On the large scale “Arms and the Man” concerns the hypocrisies found in human nature and therefore mirrored in societal norms and politics. On the smaller scale, the story concerns Raina Petkoff, a Russian woman living a life of ease, engaged to a holier-than-thou Sergius Saranoff, and romanticizing about her fiance’s glory and her upper-class piety."

Spring Awakening with Blank Theatre Company

 "Spring Awakening with this company was neither a waxing or waning moon; it was a well-rounded full moon which will hopefully grace the skies of Chicago for seasons to come."

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