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Theatre Review: Warrior Queen Anahit the Brave

 Keeping children’s attention is a monumental challenge nowadays, but this production succeeds in entertaining the kids throughout the whole play. - Glamour

“Warrior Queen Anahit the Brave” at the Colony – reviewed

 In traditional costumes the cast sing with soaring voices, exulting the majestic highlands of the region through rousing traditional dance routines. - Pauline Adamek

There's a lot to love about the Playboy of the Western World

"The rest of the ensemble is wonderful. Each cast member brings humanity to the characters in the little pub, complete with hopes, dreams, and foibles." - Joe De Rosa 

A ‘fully flavoured’ Playboy

Playboy is a very good play...And, happily, it is served up “fully flavoured” in City Lit Theater’s boisterous, intimate production...features a fine 12-member cast who revel in the rhythmic, richly accented language through which Synge spins his hilarious yet poignant tale...The rest of the ensemble is excellent, and their collective mastery of the script’s Hiberno-English idiom is awesome (a word I seldom use). - Albert Williams

City Lit Theatre Presents THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD Review – Charming Comedy Full of Twists and Turns

"City Lit Theater’s production of The Playboy of the Western World is recommended to those seeking a comedy full of wit, tragedy, and unexpected twists...All the characters were played to great effect, in this writer’s opinion" - Francisco Gallardo 

"The Playboy of the Western World" reviewed by Julia W. Rath

"Most of all, dialect coach Carrie Hardin does an incredible job with getting the actors to master the Irish dialect. These (additional) actors include: ... Sophia Vitello (Susan Brady)" - Julia W. Rath 

Review: "The Playboy of The Western World" at City Lit Theater

‘The Playboy of the Western World’ employs a large cast and in Pastor’s production the players work well together. - John Accrocco

Cast Announced for THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD at City Lit

Sophia Vitello (she/her, Susan Brady) 

"Sophia Vitello wins hearts as Lenore, an aspiring actress who is so introverted that no one believes that she would ever get any parts." - Kathy D. Hey

"...a list of challenges facing the students, ranging from free-floating teen insecurity (embodied best by Sophia Vitello’s mousy Lenore)" - Kerry Reid

"Lenore (portrayed by Sophia Vitello) begins the play as a shy, insecure, mousy underclassman who claims to be an actress, although she’s never been cast in a play. As Peter’s training sessions accelerate, Lenore becomes more confident and obnoxiously bossy." - Colin Douglas

It could happen anywhere, at any time, and the faculty at Washington High have decided to take "being prepared" to a whole new level.

Stage Top 5: February 2022

The world premiere of Eric Reyes Loo’s exploration of the effects of active shooter drills on students they’re designed to protect.

"The entire cast displayed great acting chops." - Quinn Delaney

Kerfuffle Brings Theatre For The Very Young To Chicago Parks This Summer!

"Sophia Vitello accompanies the play with guitar, ukulele, kazoo, and other noise-makers."

" Lastly, Madeline Diego and Sophie Vitello are great as the friends whom Zak tries to pick up in the bar." - Quinn Delaney

"Edwin Drood" is all fun and silliness in Blank Theatre Company's production

"Kapinos’ very talented cast clearly is having a great time. So will you." - Karen Topham

The Mystery of Edwin Drood provides a music-hall take on Charles Dickens - Chicago Reader

"the results are as surprising as they are entertaining—these kids really do have the chops to pull it off." Zeke Dolezalek

"Diamond Lil And The Pansy Craze" - The Windy City Times

"The ensemble is musically polished and quite a lot of fun onstage and off." - Sean Margaret Wagner

"Diamond Lil & the Pansy Craze resurrects a famous Chicago nightclub" - The Chicago Reader

"You can’t walk away from Diamond Lil without feeling at least a smidge more defiantly hopeful about the future than you did when you walked in." - Catey Sullivan

Cast Announcement for World Premier of "Diamond Lil & the Pansy Craze"

 The musical revue set in Chicago, 1932 explores the famed Pansy Craze club "Diamond Lil" which was packed so tight with partying boys that people were turned away. 

Blank Theatre Company Announces Performers For 'The Next Page' Fundraiser

The evening will consist of hors d'oeuvres, silent auction, drinks and musical entertainment featuring songs from the various musicals that were almost selected for the season as well as a preview of Blank's upcoming productions of The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Nine.

REVIEW: 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'

"The ensemble of proteans/soldiers and courtesans are very impressive performers and dancers. They are all memorable-just sensational all. Timing makes a farce successful and this cast delivers." - Regina Belt

"Metropolis delivers all the comedy tonight in its splendid production of ‘A Funny Thing…"

"It seems like these three have just wound up the cast and let them go, scurrying and scampering around the colorful set like cartoon characters." -  Erin Fleming

"Metropolis excavates laughs from 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"

"They're just part of the ranks with Madelyne Forrester as Panacea, Alaina Wiz as Vibrata and Sarah Beth Lipsman and Sophie Vitello as the twin Geminae.
The courtesans handle the bulk of Bryan J. Wlas' limber choreography, and the whole cast -- led by music director Kailey Rockwell -- is vocally accomplished." - Scott C. Morgan

Metropolis Announces Cast and Design Team for A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum 

Sophie Vitello (Geminae #1)

Picture This Post - Can a Person Change Who They Are?

'A socialite snob has us hoping she’s knocked down a peg or two." - Alexis Bugajski

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre’s “Dear Brutus” Bursting with Frantic Whimsy

"The cast of Eclectic’s production brings polish, poise, and passion to their work." - Quinn Rigg

"Dear Brutus Is a Solid Return for a J.M. Barrie Classic"

"This applies to all the characters, who undergo incredible transformations, to the point where I thought they were playing different characters entirely. I think this is most apparent with Lady Caroline (Sophie Vitello)" - James Brod

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre Announces Casting for DEAR BRUTUS

Sophie Vitello (Lady Caroline)

NightBlue BULLETS OVER BROADWAY Review – The 1920s Runnin’ Wild!

"And the women in the ensemble are not to be forgotten as they shine effervescently when they pull out some high-kicks in the chorus numbers." - Alexis Bugasjki

Chicago Theater Review: BULLETS OVER BROADWAY (NightBlue Performing Arts Company at Stage 773)

"It’s a fun-fueled Chicago premiere by NightBlue Performing Arts at Stage 773...every dance number—and there’s a lot of novelty hoofing—delights." - Lawrence Bommer

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